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Standard Units

We can keep your items safe!

Depending on which size unit is best for you, you can store a few pieces of furniture or something as big as your car! Whatever your needs may be, we have the perfect unit size for you. We even offer storage in varying sizes for cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. You can enjoy secure access plus 24-hour monitoring with our 30+ infrared cameras! We are well known in Conway, AR for our variety of mini storage options!

Free up some space in your home, apartment, business, or office. Feel safe knowing that your possessions are secure.

Check out our variety of sizes below and get a better idea of how we can offer you effective storage solutions!

Free moving truck!

Need help moving into your unit? We offer a one-time free Safely Tucked Away moving truck to help you get all your belongings to and from your home. 

5' x 5'


This size unit can serve as an extra closet to house your belongings. This is a perfect unit for off-season items or holiday supplies. You can even hold a small mattress set, chairs, or extra boxes here. Free up some clutter in your home and take advantage of our units!

5' x 10'


These units will hold a queen-size bed, some chairs or a dresser, and extra boxes full of your things! They are great for a TV or large appliance, and the perfect place to park your bike for the winter season. These units are clean and safe.

10' x 10'


These spaces can hold items from your family room or spare rooms in your home. Here is a great spot for your couch, old books and appliances and anything else you no longer have space for. Or use this unit for files, desks, and storage boxes. 

10' x 15'


This is a perfect unit for larger items such as pianos, couches, tales, or big-screen TVs. The majority of these units have 8-foot ceilings, which means you will have no trouble stacking things up or organizing your belongings. 

10' x 20'


Enjoy two hundred square feet of room to store your possessions. This is enough room to store the contents of a 5-bedroom house! Put your refrigerator, your dining room set, or your washer and dryer here. 

10' x 25'


Our 10×25 unit is 250 sq. ft. (larger than a 1-car garage). It fits about the same as a 10×20 but allows extra room for additional items such as yard furniture or garage items. 

10' x 30'


Three hundred square feet of room means that you’ll have enough to store things from your 5-bedroom house! Put large appliances, furniture, and boxes in here and be amazed at the space you can free up from your home. You can also store multiple vehicles in this space! 

20' x 25'


A unit this size will allow you to have five hundred square feet of room. These units are larger than most 2-car garages. They offer you ample space to organize things from your home or office, and you’ll have no trouble storing your belongings in an orderly manner with this amount of space to work with! 

Safe And Secure Storage Units.

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